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Critics at Large publishes daily thought-provoking, independent criticism on all aspects of popular culture by an international group of writers. Founded in January 2010 by Kevin Courrier, Shlomo Schwartzberg and David Churchill, Critics at Large makes it possible for established and emerging critics to practice their crafts outside of the constraints of commercial media. In an era when arts journalism is increasingly driven by careerism and conformity, we appeal to voyeurs of the arts rather than mere consumers.


Founders: David Churchill, Kevin Courrier, Shlomo Schwartzberg

Editor-in-Chief: Kevin Courrier

Managing Editor: Mark Clamen

Contributing Editor: Steve Vineberg

Web Editor: Mark Clamen

Critics: Donald Brackett, Catharine Charlesworth, David Churchill, Mark Clamen, Kevin Courrier, Nick Coccoma, John Corcelli, Justin Cummings, Bob Douglas, Andrew Dupuis, Phil Dyess-Nugent, Susan Green, Deirdre Kelly, David Kidney, Jack Kirchhoff, Michael Lueger, Devin McKinney, Danny McMurray, Adam Nayman, Jessica L. Radin, Sean Rasmussen, Shlomo Schwartzberg, Amanda Shubert, Mari-Beth Slade, Felicity Somerset, Steve Vineberg, Laura Warner

Critic Emeritus: David Churchill

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